#BWOC - Welch`s Orange Juice 48/5.5 oz cans

  • Welch`s Orange Juice 48/5.5 oz


Provide a sweet, refreshing beverage by stocking the break room, lobby, or cafeteria with these 5.5-ounce cans of orange juice. Each of these cans of Welch's 100% orange juice contains two full servings of fruit and no added sugar.


  • Orange juice tastes good and is good for you
  • 5.5 oz. capacity
  • Sold as 48 per carton
  • Made with vitamin C, orange juice concentrate, and filtered water
  • No sugar added
  • No artificial flavors
  • Good source of vitamin C
  • Energy of drink is 80 cal

Every drink comes in a can

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