Green tea has been popular in the Middle East and parts of Asia for centuries, but has just recently gained popularity in the West for its unique grassy flavor and renowned health benefits. This green tea, harvested in Northern China, balances its vegetative taste with the subtle floral notes of jasmine. Jasmine flowers are gently blended into the green tea to transfer the delicate floral aroma to the leaves.

Here are some great drink ideas that you can make with THE BRIGHT TEA CO. Green with Jasmine tea:

  • Iced Raspberry Green Tea (Fill a cup with ice and mix Green with Jasmine and Raspberry Herbal)
  • Black & Green Tea (Mix English Breakfast & Green with Jasmine - add ice for a refreshing cool drink)
  • Lemon Green Tea (Mix Green with Jasmine and Lemon Herbal - add ice for a refreshing cool drink)


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